Dental Lab Software

Dental Lab Software

What can Evident do for me?

Evident is the next generation of Dental Lab Management Software. This web-based dental lab management system that combines the software features you want with unlimited access, convenience and communication tools. There is no need to install software or upgrades, you can access Evident from any computer that is connected to the Internet, backup is automatic with no disruption, and it's just as easy to email a document as it is to print it!

Web Based Dental Lab Software Benefits

  • Use the system from anywhere
  • Backup is automatic
  • Updates are automatic
  • Nothing to Install
  • Use Macs, PCs, or both
  • Integrate with other technologies such as phone, email, email-to-fax

Dental Lab Software Features

  • The Workflow window keeps team leaders and technicians on top of their workload all of the time.
  • Sophisticated Dentist Web Gateway without transaction fees.
  • SQL industry data access and reporting.
  • Revenue management features ensure that higher paid technicians generate higher revenue.
  • Exception Reporting prevents problems like late arrivals, slow production and overdue ship dates from slipping through the cracks.
  • Many DAMAS features including complete audit trail, communications manager, and employee education tracking.
  • Print, email, fax, text any document with equal ease.

Try it yourself with our Evident Foundation System today!

Tel: 877-909-7770
or visit Our Website at
Tel: 877-909-7770
or visit Our Website at

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